Property Manager TATTERSALL·LORENZ increases space under management to 3.4 million square metres in 2019

TATTERSALL·LORENZ Immobilienverwaltung und -management GmbH (Tattersall·Lorenz), an owner-operated SME property manager based in Berlin, increased the volume of its space under management by a third in 2019. It currently totals around 3.4 million square metres. Overall, the company is now responsible for the property management of 403 (12/2018: 332) assets across Germany. The annual rental income from the properties managed totals around EUR 221 million. Logistics and light industrial properties accounted for around 2.3 million square metres of the space under management, with retail making up some 370,000 square metres and office property ca. 500,000 square metres. Tattersall-Lorenz manages the properties from its branches in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hanover, Dusseldorf and Stuttgart. The company currently employs 129 staff.

One of the largest new instructions received by Tattersall·Lorenz last year concerns the property management of 85 bank branches and consultancy offices, together with other properties, owned by the Deutsche Apotheker- und Ärztebank eG. The portfolio has a total floor area of 135,000 square metres. A consequence of the steadily increasing number of property management instructions is the plan to open an additional office, probably in Nuremberg. In the future, this should provide even better support for the southern German region.

In addition, Tattersall·Lorenz has obtained certification to ISO 14001 (environmental management), ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO 27001 (IT security). This followed a systematic monitoring, alignment and optimisation of the property managers' corporate processes. The environmental management certification includes employing environmentally friendly behaviour in corporate processes, applying internationally recognised and prevailing standards, and reducing environmentally relevant risks in the company. In quality management the certification covers process- and client-oriented alignment of procedures, improvement of the company's own competitiveness and continuous improvement. The certification for IT security minimises IT risks and establishes IT security procedures that contribute to the sustained optimisation of the quality of all systems.

During the past year there were also changes in the shareholder structure. In the scope of a capital increase, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Berliner Volksbank acquired a minority 25% interest in Tattersall·Lorenz. The company founders Susanne Tattersall and Christian Lorenz continue to hold the remaining shares, 37.5% each. The corporate management remains in the hands of Susanne Tattersall who, since last year, has been involved in the "Frauen in Führung" (Women in Management) initiative. This has the aim of bringing more women to leadership positions in real estate companies.

In May 2019, Tattersall·Lorenz won the Real Estate Brand Award in the 'Relevant Set' category, as the company that had most increased its level of brand awareness in the sector within one year.

Since the start of this year, Tattersall·Lorenz has been managing an additional portfolio for Union Investment Real Estate. This comprises seven properties, mainly office and retail, in four locations in the Stuttgart and Nuremberg metropolitan regions. The company has also been entrusted with the property management of four hotels in Dresden, Oberhausen and Hamburg.