Property Manager TATTERSALL·LORENZ increases space under management to 2.55 million square metres in 2018

TATTERSALL·LORENZ Immobilienverwaltung und -management GmbH (Tattersall·Lorenz), an owner-managed medium-sized property management company based in Berlin, almost doubled the volume of its space under management in 2018. The company was responsible for the property management of 332 assets throughout Germany, with a total area of around 2.55 million square metres (Dec. 2017: 1.33 million square metres).

Logistics accounted for around 1.6 million square metres of the space under management, with retail making up some 553,000 square metres and office property around 235,000 square metres. Tattersall·Lorenz managed the properties from its branches in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Dusseldorf and Stuttgart.

One of the largest instructions that Tattersall·Lorenz received in 2018 was from Aroundtown Commercial Properties Management, involved taking over the property management of a real estate portfolio with properties in Berlin and Lower Saxony. The portfolio has a total lettable area of 108,000 square metres, including around 33,500 square metres of retail, 25,600 square metres of hotel space, 18,500 square metres of offices and 13,300 square metres of warehouse space.

In the wake of the steadily increasing number of property management instructions, there was a considerable increase in staff numbers, from 87 to 126, in only one year. Susanne Tattersall, managing partner of Tattersall·Lorenz, comments: "Last year was marked by strong growth for us. We are pleased that the market is increasingly perceiving us as an exciting employer to work for. In addition to numerous specialists, we were able to welcome five trainees und a dual-system student to our team."

Since 2018, Tattersall·Lorenz has been part of the YouPM initiative, which has the objective of further professionalising the occupational profile of the commercial property manager. Last year the initiative succeeded in organising a certificate course at the EBZ Akademie in Bochum, which commenced in January 2019.

Also in 2018 Tattersall·Lorenz joined the ZIA Central Real Estate Committee, as a member of the "Digitalisation" panel.

Since the start of 2019, Tattersall·Lorenz has also been managing a portfolio of 23 commercial properties on behalf of Union Investment Real Estate. The properties comprise 18 office buildings and 5 hotels, with a total lettable area of 200,000 square metres. This includes around 140,000 square metres of offices and ca. 60,000 square metres of hotel accommodation. Twelve of the properties are in North Rhine-Westphalia, seven in Frankfurt, three in Berlin and one in Dresden. Tattersall·Lorenz was awarded the contract following a complex selection procedure.