Properties are our world.

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A tradition of shaping the future.

As one of Germany’s leading property management firms, we know the market inside out and are real specialists. As well as living through the developments of recent years, we have been prime movers in shaping change. As a family-run business and a strong team, we have felt a personal connection with the industry and practised holistic property management ever since our company was founded in 1997. That means being open, acting flexibly and taking decisions quickly, embracing change as an opportunity and using it for the benefit of our clients. As a result, we achieve success together – and we look forward to the next chapter.

For property service par excellence.

By focusing on the entire spectrum of property management, we provide reliable service from a single source. We combine commercial interests with innovative ideas and give answers to the questions of our time. Our clients’ satisfaction and our employees’ wellbeing are our top priorities here. We do a lot to achieve this: with an integrated management system, we contribute towards continuous process optimisation – taking changing technological, sustainability and business requirements into account. Outstanding service with foresight. Genuine partnership including loyalty, integrity and discretion. That's Tattersall Lorenz.

Outstanding, reliable service

Continuous process optimisation

Innovative ideas

Established yet forward-looking.

Our mission statement comprises our vision and our values, which we devised in a joint workshop with all employees in June 2019. The management team devised our vision in conjunction with our managers.

We will become the market leader in commercial property management throughout Germany. Our innovative spirit sets standards for the property industry, and we create added value, motivated by an owner-managed structure as well as personal, individual action.

Our vision
Guideline and values

Our mission statement and values

  • We create value with maximum transparency, and provide extensive property-related management, applying our core skills.
  • We provide individual solutions for all client requirements with our many years of expertise.
  • We aspire to a long-term, collaborative relationship with our business partners that is characterised by fairness, trust and reliability.
  • We overcome our challenges with modern resources and forward-looking working methods.
  • We encourage regular process optimisation to ensure client satisfaction.
  • We achieve targets through team spirit and future-oriented, innovative thinking and action.
  • Our employees are a key pillar of our company: responsible, motivated and focused on solutions.
  • Our employees move us forwards, which is why keeping their qualifications up to date and training our future key staff in-house are so important us.
  • We believe in quality, sustainability, consistency and reliability. We achieve this through open dialogue and by including all employees in our corporate development.
  • One for all and all for one. We meet our targets together, working in unison for our clients’ properties.
  • Employees are given scope to work in a motivated way.
  • Target-focused work is our top priority.
  • There are no Chinese whispers here – we talk to each other
  • Employees of all generations communicate on a daily basis.
  • We can do economic, environmental and social sustainability.
  • We move with the times.
  • We stay grounded despite constant growth.
ESG - Environmental Social Governance

A decision for the future.

ESG (environmental, social and governance) is geared towards environmentally friendly, socially responsible and transparent management, which we take into account in a host of criteria. For us, this is a long-term process in which we are continuously expanding our measures. Making our building stock increasingly resource-efficient, low-emission and innovative is one of our main environmental goals. Playing our part in society as a company and fostering the development of our employees is part of our social commitment. Our commercial activities strictly comply with laws and legal standards. We demonstrate this to our clients by communicating our processes openly. We are doing everything to ensure a better property industry, and will do even more in future.

We let our actions speak for themselves:

  • Member of the ECORE initiative of the BAMBI industry association
  • Smart metering and binding monthly consumption information for users and tenants
  • Cooperation with providers for cloud-based monitoring and control of technical systems
  • Germany-wide collaboration with a roofing company to explore the possible installation of green roofs
  • Providing homes for bee populations and supporting projects in managed properties
  • Using environmentally friendly and resource-efficient materials
  • Introducing a material register for improved recycling when carrying out construction measures
  • Reducing CO2 emissions by optimising the hours of operation of technical systems

Future-oriented action always pays off.

Knowing that our activities and services are regularly recognised motivates us even more. We are helping to advance the industry positively with a sense of responsibility and sustainable ideas.

Our awards

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Our certifications

Our memberships

Living out responsibility.
Our self-image.

We have summarised the key principles and rules for our activities in our code of conduct. This code shapes our corporate policy and expresses what we expect of ourselves and our business partners.