A safe technical management within all asset classes is the result of the successful work of an interdisciplinary team of technicians and engineers who are proactively working all over Germany.


We offer all classical property management standard benefits with highly qualified and motivated personnel. Our Management approach is rounded up with an in-house service team of locally based caretakers for each asset. They form the interface, to meet every operational need owed to the owners and tenants. The house technicians secure the operation of the property and enter their services with the use of mobile terminals into our CAFM system. With this process we are in the situation to create a chain of evidence, from the beginning of a need up to its legally safe entry into our date-bank-structure. Core tasks like service charge forecasts, budget comparison, maintenance and capex measurements are hence forth empirical and systematically traceable.


That way we can ensure a legal and service charge optimizing to go live of the real estate. In us you will find a professional facility management combined with the flexibility and observation of a technical team who know the property and live with it!